[FROMM] 단 3일! 현중닷컴 X FROMM 시크릿 할인 혜택

12 Jan 2024
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현중닷컴 회원들에게만 드리는 특별 프로모션 😉

A secret exclusive discount for hyun-joong.com members only 😉


Descubra el beneficio de descuentos secretos solo para los socios de hyun-joong.com 😉 

📅 2024. 01. 12 12:00 (KST) ~ 2024. 01. 14 23:59 (KST)

📅 From January 12, 2024, 12:00 (KST) to January 14, 2024, 23:59 (KST)

📅 12.01.2024 12:00 (KST) ~ 14.01.2024 23:59 (KST)

단 3일! 첫 달 1,000원 이벤트 진행 ❕

3 Days Only! First month for 1$ ❕ 

3日間のみ!最初の1ヶ月,1USD ❕

¡Solo 3 días! i A 1 dólar el primer mes! ❕ 

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👽💌 실제로 FROMM으로 소통중인 현중 모음 💌👽


fromm. 김현중 아티 웰컴 인사 👉 [YOUTUBE 보러가기]

"심심해요... 대화가 필요해요..." #김현중 #fromm 👉 [YOUTUBE 보러가기]

브라질이야기 1편 #brazil #vlog #brazilhenecia 👉 [YOUTUBE 보러가기]

fromm으로 소통해요 #라틴투어비하인드 #fromm #chile 👉 [YOUTUBE 보러가기]

내가 남미에 갔다 왔다 라면 👉 [YOUTUBE 보러가기]


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FROMM HELP ▶ [https://fromm.channel.io/home]


👽💌 A collection of HYUNJOONG communicating through FROMM in reality FROMM 💌👽


fromm. Artist Kim Hyunjoong's welcome greeting 👉 [Go to YOUTUBE]

"I'm bored... I need someone to talk to..." #Kimhyunjoong #fromm 👉 [Go to YOUTUBE]

The Story of Brazil Part 1 #brazil #vlog #brazilhenecia 👉 [Go to YOUTUBE]

Let's communicate through FROMM #LatinTourBehindtheScenes #fromm #chile 👉 [Go to YOUTUBE]

From Latin America to Korea...in a Bowl of Ramen 👉 [Go to YOUTUBE]


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✔ This promotion is not related to the 2024 Fan Club membership status.

✔ Please understand that existing Kim Hyun Joong fromm subscribers cannot participate in this event.

✔ This is a service actually used by the artist, and no one else is involved.

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FROMM HELP ▶ [https://fromm.channel.io/home]


👽💌 実際にFROMMでコミュニケーションを取っているヒョンジュンのコレクション 💌👽


Fromm. アーティスト、キム・ヒョンジュンのウェルカムメッセージ 👉 [YOUTUBEを見る]

「退屈だな...会話が必要だよ...」 #キムヒョンジュン #fromm 👉 [YOUTUBEを見る ]

ブラジルの話 1部 #brazil #vlog #brazilhenecia 👉 [YOUTUBEを見る]

FROMMで交流しましょう #ラテンツアービハインド #fromm #chile 👉 [YOUTUBEを見る]

僕が南米に行って来たラーメン 👉 [YOUTUBEを見る]


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FROMM HELP ▶ [https://fromm.channel.io/home]


👽💌 Colección de HyunJoog comunicando realmente a través de FROMM 💌👽


fromm. Saludo de bienvenida del artista Kim Hyun Joong 👉 [Ir a YOUTUBE]

"Estoy aburrido... Necesito conversación..." #Kimhyunjoong #fromm 👉 [Ir a YOUTUBE]

Historia de Brasil, Parte 1 #brazil #vlog #brazilhenecia 👉 [Ir a YOUTUBE]

Comunicamos a través de fromm #DetrásDeLaGiraLatina #fromm #chile 👉 [Ir a YOUTUBE]

Ramen: El Sabor de Ida y Vuelta a América del Sur 👉 [Ir a YOUTUBE]


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